Eleonora Sabet is a freelance portrait and documentary photographer born in 1995 in Milan (Italy) with Arabic origins.

She is a self-taught photographer who starts developing an interest in photographic art through self-portraits. In 2018 she starts traveling in the Middle East to find her origins and to develop her personal projects. In 2019 she wins a scholarship with VII Academy and participates to “Photojournalist Survival Kit” Ron Haviv’s workshop. After that experience, he nominates her for the 6×6 Global Talent Program World Press Photo. In 2020 she has Maggie Steber as her teacher who guided her through her family’s photographic research. In 2021 her project “Confined Youth” is selected for the مهرجان الصورة – عمان Image Festival Amman. She is a resident artist at OEG – Open Edition Gallery by Perimetro and her work is part of the curators selection by Claudio Composti, Hester Keijser and Enrico Stefanelli. She is selected by the independent publishing house Selfself Books and in May 2021 her first book “The Memory Of You Still Hurts” crowdfunding campaign starts.

She is currently based in Milan and she is documenting her family history and the LGBTI+ community.

@elesabet — info@eleonorasabet.com