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“Love is a family and community or social affair, instead of a personal, individual one.”

The concept of love changes according to the culture of the country that hosts it and often, what in the West we consider the most genuine and beautiful thing, in other parts of the world is experienced also with fear. In the Middle East, having a romantic relationship is closely linked to marriage; there cannot be a relationship without marriage. For the most vulnerable communities, such as the LGBTI+ a relationship is not even accepted.

يا قمر You are my moon is a longterm ongoing project that arises from the need to document young love. There is a specific thing that hurt me during my staying in that region: I had fought so much in the past years to feel comfortable about my sexual orientation and the fact I had to go back to hiding – for obvious reasons – had hurt so much. That’s the reason why I decided to start this project and the same feeling of fear that I felt in Italy before my coming out, in the Middle East, I found in young unmarried heterosexual couples and of course homosexual couples.