Eleonora Sabet is a freelance environmental portrait photographer, based in Jordan.

Eleonora has experience in commercial and humanitarian photography. She has lived and traveled in Tanzania, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Thailand and Jordan. She has carried out projects covering topics varying from the LGBT+ community to the Palestinian and Syrian refugees and migrants crisis. Currently she is focused on collecting stories and developing projects related to humanitarian and social issues.

In July 2019, she was awarded a scholarship to participate to VII Agency's workshop on Photojournalism, mentored by Ron Haviv in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Eleonora is available for assignments worldwide.

  • Scholarship for Photojournalist Survival Kit workshop by VII agency with Ron Haviv as a mentor.
  • Portfolio review by Ron Haviv, Gary Knight and Maciek Nabrdalik from VII agency.
  • Speaker at IED Europeen Institute of Design conference.
  • Tanzanian Tales solo exhibithion | Rome, Italy (July/September 2018).