My name is Eleonora Sabet and I am a photographer from Italy. In the past months I have been developing some personal photographic projects in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I’ve been in Tanzania since January 2018 and I worked as a principal photographer and social media manager for Tulime NGO in the village of Pomerini, Iringa.

In the past, I have accumulated great knowledge on social media, in particular of Instagram, being able to develop a personal profile that counts more then 70K followers. I have managed various commercial accounts and I always keep myself updated on the changing of the Instagram algorithm and in general of the social media world.

In addition, I have experience in video-making and post-production both in the profit and non-profit sector. Recently, I directed and edited Tulime NGO’s annual pretax donation campaign aimed at raising money from the Italian 5x1000. All of my video-making includes directing, editing and color correction.

Lastly, in terms of experience I have been an Artistic Director for a magazine in Milan, Italy where I had to manage and coordinate a team of 10 people.

My plan for the years coming is working in emergency settings as a field photographer and video maker. Working in Africa has opened my eyes on the wish I have to continue working in the non-profit sector and make reportage work.


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